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Rarefied Solutions is an expert consulting and tutoring services company focussed on technology, product and market due diligence, semiconductor and MEMS component design, product manufacturing, foundry selection, contract manufacturing, CAD / EDA, embedded software and systems, analog, RF, silicon timing and frequency control.


Typical Clients

VCs, PE firms, management consulting firms and law firms seeking expert reviews or witness services for IP litigation. Rarefied Solutions is also engaged in solving technical product development challenges, product-market placement, including product definition, design and manufacturing challenges as well as the development of operating and financial plans for clients in the semiconductor, medical devices and hardware spaces.

Typical Students

3rd / 4th year undergraduate or 1st / 2nd year graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineer (ECE) or Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Most students engage on classic HW and SW projects ranging from Verilog development on Xilinx or Intel-Altera FPGAs, such as the "traffic light problem" to the infamous "bomb" project, which requires disassembly of an executable using gdb to determine the correct inputs to diffuse the "bomb". Dozens of projects have been replicated exactly and completed successfully with students across the world.

Rarefied Solutions also supports researchers in the publication process with manuscript reviews prior to submission and from an IEEE editor perspective. Futher, Rarefied Solutions supports at-risk, disadvantaged and adult (or non-traditional) students as well as hobbyists. Meetings can be arranged online or in person, in Chicago.

Our Team

Michael S. McCorquodale, Ph.D.

Ph.D. and M.S., Electrical Engineering
University of Michigan
B.S. with Honors, Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Senior Member
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

+1.313.205.3489: Mobile (International: Voice / Text)
+1.312.285.2253: Landline (Local: Voice)
+1.773.349.2090: Google (International: Voice / Text)

+1.855.610.2258: Toll Free (North America: Fax)

Rarefied Solutions was founded, and is led by, renowned engineer, entrepreneur, executive, consultant and educator, Dr. Michael S. McCorquodale.

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